mVentix, Inc. is a point-of-sale marketing firm with primary focus on market intelligence gathering, mobile engagement and channel marketing solutions. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and provides services to brands, retailers and agencies in the US and Canada.

What sets mVentix apart is that we are a channel marketing agency AND we are a technology company... and we don't just take advantage of technology - we envision it, we develop it, and we implement it. This is where we are different. You can call us "marketing experts who know technology" or "techies who know how to market" - it doesn't matter, we know both and this is what makes us better

- Our technology DNA is critical in developing, implementing and constantly perfecting the systems that help us manage our field teams from recruiting, on-boarding, training to scheduling and reporting

- Our marketing competency is what drives us to create and deploy more and more advanced mobile solutions

- Our technology resources are there when you need our systems to serve you better as a client, whether through customization or integration, or even through a custom new development

- Our marketing knowledge is there when you need advice on how to better "mobilize" your brand