The Manhattan Adult ADD Support Group has run support sessions for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder -- or, more formally, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder -- since 1992. We're a public, walk-in support group led by ADD adults. We are also fortunate to have presentations led by some of the leading experts in ADD/ADHD.

"I cannot refrain from letting you know how illuminating tonight's meeting was for me. There is  something amazing about 60 strangers having such a powerful link." -- a recent participant
In the 20 years since we have been running meetings, we have formed a sense of community. Everyone is welcome. Many come every month to share their experiences (successes as well as challenges).
If you have just been diagnosed, you will be especially interested in some of the literature which is available at every meeting (and free of charge:). We hope the information we have gathered helps you.
At these meetings, we're joined by adults who either have been diagnosed with ADD, or who are thinking about whether ADD might, for them, serve as an accurate diagnosis. People come for different reasons. Some find that to encounter others like them is to feel less isolated. Others value the chance to discuss their experiences in ways that are often off-limits in every day conversation. Many come to learn more, or to share knowledge and insights.