MACE Writing offers four main services: writing, editing, marketing, and advising.

Within our writing services, we're happy to help with just about any written project. Whether you need a newsletter writer for your business, a speech writer for your sister's wedding, or a ghostwriter for your latest novel, MACE can provide a talented and qualified writer.

In our editing services, we're equally flexible. Whatever you need edited, we can give it a professional polish. We offer three service levels of editing: mechanical, global, and educational. Mechanical is the most basic, global is much more comprehensive, and educational includes a personalized report about what grammatical and stylistic rules could benefit the writer.

We also offer varying inbound marketing packages. This can span from an entire campaign (where we identify your business goals, establish your personas, and set up a strategic content creation system) to an a la carte approach, wherein you pick and choose what elements of an inbound marketing campaign you want to implement.

The last service we offer is consultation, and that can apply to writing, editing, or marketing. We offer both free and pay webinars discussing varying topics within the world of writing, whether that's actual writing tips, topics surrounding editing, or tenets of inbound marketing.