 The world’s fastest time-series DBMS
 Supports Big Tables (multi-Billion Row Tables)
 Supports data collection of millions of sensors/assets
 Fits on Edge Arm/Intel devices. (½ GB of RAM or better)
 Ultra-fast data Ingestion (9+ Billion records per day on Edge)
 Ultra-fast data Retrieval by time
 Exceptional long-term Historian (10B+ records on the Edge)
 Amazing Data compression, up to ⅓ original size
 Standard SQL support
 Pre-Built Visual Tag Analyzer Dashboard -
 Presents time series asset data overlay as a function of time, along
   with mins, maxs, averages and other conditions
 Querying the data from seconds to years, in real-time.
 Nano second granularity
 Standard SDK + interfaces (JDBC, ODBC, SQL320)