We thought you might like to know a bit more about us.    

Chongqing Songjia Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. is a young and vigorous trading company aiming at selling electrical and

mechanical spare parts and machines and helping agencies and customers find what they need.

Now we are at the stage of devoting ourselves to sell products of several manufacturers which have stable quality, producing

ability and the most competitive price. They are High Pressure Cleaner, Electronic Components, Electronic parts, Motorcycle,

Tricycle, Motorcycle parts and tricycle parts.

The High Pressure Cleaners include home, commercial and industrial usage. Home usage is usually with 1 to 7 KW. Commercial

is designed in accordance with general commercial purpose which usually choose high rotation speed, light weight, easy to

move and inexpensive and are suitable for small workload, no high pressure required working condition to do general

cleaning. Industrial High Pressure Cleaner is designed in accordance with the condition of industrial cleaning which generally

adopts lower crankshaft speed, forged steel crankshaft, alloy bearing crosshead, independent lubrication system and improved

electrical control cabinet.

Electric Power Products, we have good resource of Cables, Transformers, Solar Energy panels, Generators, Electric Power Fittings,

electric elements, AC Contactors, Relays, Circuit Breakers, circuit protectors, switches, digital meters, plugs and sockets and other

electrical related products.

Motorcycle, Tricycle and spare parts, contains Motorcycles, Motorcycle Parts, Tricycles and Tricycle Parts.

We are planning to import carseats for next step. And if possible, welcome to contact us for export mechanical and electrical

products in China.

Aiming to trade honestly, we are willing to find and check related products and suppliers for you distinguished customers.