Launching Today! machiningTV.com is a video portal for the machining community. We share videos about machining to educate, entertain and grow the machining community. The portal is managed by the members of the community, who can post videos and share them. The portal can be enjoyed by both novice and seasoned machinists likewise.

machiningtv.com includes sections about machines & tools, processes, materials, DIY topics, training, and more. It is an excellent source of knowledge as well as a way of learning news form the leading machine tools OEMs. We work with a number of educators on posting training videos to educate machinists. This training is free of charge and can be enjoyed by anyone worldwide.

machiningTV.com also has a community forum, where members can post their topics, create groups, exchange messages and advices on various topics. We believe that machinists can learn from each other and solve problems by discussing and sharing own experiences. Our forum is the perfect way of doing so.

Our goal is to grow the community and share the knowledge. We ask anyone involved in machining to join the portal and share your videos.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@machiningtv.com.

Visit us, join us, share your videos, learn & have fun.