MachSol Inc, delivers innovative and proven solutions for building, supplying and managing private, public and hybrid clouds.

In the mid-nineties MachSol's inner core was established by its founder Max Roosenbrand, a self-made entrepreneur. MachSol's brand name originated from "Machine Solutions"‚Äč defining precisely what we do. Not less important is that MachSol is founded on impeccable values embedded in every cornerstone of our business. We are strongly committed to serving our customers and delivering the latest in-house engineered products. When you look at us a little closer you will see that we are a software and service company committed in developing state-of-the-art hosting and cloud automation solutions.

Moreover MachSol is a debt free company, over 50 employees strong and a Microsoft Gold certified partner with locations in the USA, Europe and Asia. We achieved for five years in a row to be the first company releasing the latest automation products supporting a wide variety of Microsoft technologies.

Our impressive list of clients are fortune 500 companies, hosting and cloud service providers, governments, financial institutions and Telecom providers.

Please visit our website for more information at http://www.machsol.com or contact our sales department at +1 877 MACHSOL (622-4765) Monday to Friday 9:00 to 5:00 Pacific Time