Construction Management with a can-do attitude

Madison Resources personnel have over thirty years experience in the construction industry.

Our Construction Manager, Bill Grace, has worked in USA, UK, NZ and across Australia completing projects from environmental wetlands to the largest commercial buildings in Australia.

His expertise in the construction industry is second-to-none with a well-deserved reputation for getting the job done.
Client satisfaction - guaranteed

We ensure client satisfaction by providing quality solutions for commercial projects.

We work with clients and develop positive relationships with the community in which we're building. It's a way of encouraging harmony by looking after the immediate stakeholders and delivering a job with minimal disruption.

Whether it's creating a multi-storey building next to a hospital or developing retail premises - we aim to minimise disruption and co-ordinate our work with as little impact on the people who live and work nearby as possible.

We believe that by caring for the client and developing positive relations with the community where we build, that the reputation of all concerned is enhanced.
Our Construction Management Brand

We go beyond what is expected. We're a can-do company. We solve construction problems and work to budgets and time frames.

This is how we differentiate ourselves in a competitive marketplace.

We do things right - the first time.

We listen.

All sub-contractors with whom we work follow this direction as well. We believe that working as a team of co-ordinated construction professionals makes us unique in this industry.

It's about co-operation, collaboration and communication.
At Madison Resources we provide one point of contact for your marketing needs.

Whether it be

   * a strategic marketing communications plan
   * brochures that reflect your company's essence
   * copy writing that's professional and engaging
   * media releases or
   * public relations

we can help.

We believe construction marketing is all about relationships - initiating them, building upon them and keeping them.