Madrid Pro Designs has been a strong company for a quarter of a century now. Wood decks have become the staple product in the skateboarding industry. We at Madrid will continue to manufacture quality skateboards and work hard to design the best possible product for a long time to come. As a company that creates the tooling and machinery for its own designs, which are on the cutting edge of technology and product development, Madrid Pro Designs will proceed to help form new and improved instruments for the skateboard, surf, and snow industries.

Currently we carry several short board configurations, all having different lengths, widths, and concaves. We also manufacture a series of long boards . These boards also come in many different styles and shapes. We make both flat and concave long boards for your cruising pleasure. Madrid has also created the perfect balance training deck for whatever sport you play. Working closely with its original creator, Hunter Joslin, Madrid has perfected the art of balance products in the Indo Board line. The “Indo Board” can be used to train for skateboarding, snowboarding, or just about any sport simply for the fun of it. The Indo Board is one of Madrid’s biggest selling products, and no shop should be without at least one.

Finally, one of the best aspects of purchasing your wood through Madrid Pro Designs is that we have the ability to create any dimension that we see fit, or asked of us. If you need a certain size board, we have the ability to create it for you. As a buyer, you can order any Madrid deck (short or long), with any of our Madrid graphics already heat transferred on, or you can order decks as blanks for you own private label. We can even screen your private label for you at a minimal charge. This also qualifies for any of our Madrid t-shirts or other Madrid apparel. This one of the benefits of building your own machinery and shaping tools. We can do just about anything to a piece of wood, or whatever you put in front of us.

Madrid Trucks
Since Madrid Pro Designs has been so dedicated to manufacturing some of the best skateboard decks in the industry, we decided to make improvements to the underside of your skateboard as well. For quite some time now, Madrid Pro Designs has contributed to the development of great trucks. One of our truck lines is the Cadillac high performance line. There is no question as to why these trucks have been rated as, “#1 and #2 best all around truck” in Big Brother Magazine. Our Cadillac trucks are made from a super high-grade aluminum poured around an already-set, high-grade still shaft for incredible durability and weight. After being poured and set, these trucks are heat-treated for superior strength and then smoothed out for a great look. Most trucks weigh in at about thirteen ounces. Our Cadillac trucks weigh only 10.8 ounces, one of the lightest trucks in the industry to date. These trucks are made to stand tall so that spacers are not needed (also cutting down on weight). We have our Cadillac Silver Clouds, which are polished and buffed out for that shiny Cadillac look. We also carry our Cadillac Classics, and for long boards, we use the Cadillac Invaders. The Invaders are designed for maximum turning capacity, and are on of Madrid’s best sellers. We created these trucks to be used on all our various sized boards, short or long, to be sure that you get the maneuverability and quality you would expect from any Madrid Product.

Madrid Wheels
Skateboarding just wouldn’t be the same without a great set of wheels. At Madrid, we have a full line of wheels ranging in size for all board riders to enjoy. We make short board wheels ranging from 50mm to 60mm with a durometer of 99a. Madrid also produces street wheels for long boards ranging from 61mm to 76mm with a softer durometer of 78a for the smooth cruisin’ feeling. We also have racing wheels that are a 78a durometer made for downhill.

More Madrid
Another product that you can currently get from Madrid Pro Designs is Fly Paper, which has been a standard in gripping your skateboards for the past 20 years. You can also order helmets, rails, bearings, and bearings spacers, all essential products to the skateboarding industry.

Also, you may not know hat Madrid Pro Designs has been a huge innovator in the design and application of body boarding technology. Jerry Madrid started using his talents for creating body boards back in the early 80’s. The body boards are no longer produced but we currently have developed a line of skim boards, skim skates and wake skates.

The Future For Madrid Pro Designs

With everything that Madrid Pro Designs is capable of doing today, we are looking towards a very prosperous future. We are still going to keep producing our Madrid decks in the traditional manner, but are looking to create new and improved technology for our products. This is where the youth inside Madrid Pro Designs come into play.