A New View Philosophy

Life is your classroom. All of your challenges, struggles, disappointments, conflicts, even losses are presented to you so you can know your Self, your essence, the truth of who you are, on a deeper level. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. You live in two worlds and it is necessary to honor each one. You may know them as the energies of Spirit and ego.

How you view your world, your perception, always indicates what it is that you need to heal. The healing process always begins within you. It is from that place that you become closer to your Higher Self and then your world takes on new meaning and purpose.

Your one great purpose is to awaken to your Self.

There are four key concepts that are an integral part of the A New View Process:

You are in relationship to everything—You are in relationship to the chair you are sitting on, time, money, the air you’re breathing everything.

You are the creator of your experience- You create all of your experiences. The best part is that you get to uncreate whatever you’ve created. In other words you’re not the victim. You create your own experiences of the world by how you choose to see the world.

You are always feeling only two feelings—love or fear- Other names for these feelings or energies are Spirit and ego. When you are in a process of change it is important that you remain aware of your feelings because they will become your internal barometer.

You are always having only two kinds of experiences—willingness or resistance. You are experiencing willingness when you are in the higher level energies of forgiveness, acceptance, joy, love and gratitude. You are in resistance when you are in lower level energies of depression, anger, fear, guilt, blame, or judgment. Resistance is natural and an expected part of the change process.

Using these key concepts plus belief transformation tools, stress management tools and system building tools you'll be able to transform:

Career challenges
Relationship conflicts
Unexpected changes
Low self esteem
Unwanted habits

Are you ready to transform your obstacles into miracles?

Join me for your “Miracle Activation Call”. Set aside time in your busy schedule and spend 45 minutes with me. This initial introductory session is yours with my compliments. Once this is complete and you want to go further then we’ll explore the best way for you to be supported.

Book your “Miracle Activation Call” by emailing my scheduling assistant at Mandi@anewviewforyou.com to start the journey of experiencing your very own miracles.


Maggie’s background includes a BA in Elementary Education having taught second, fourth, and fifth grades for six years. She earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1998. For over sixteen years she worked with adults as a psychotherapist with a focus in behavioral therapy and substance abuse. After a year of study from Coaches Training Institute in 2005 she received her Certification in Life Coaching.

In July of 2005 she had an opportunity to take a year long sabbatical from her psychotherapy and life coach practices. It was a time of deep reflection and renewal. She began her studies in A Course In Miracles which has influenced her work and changed the course of her life. This spiritual journey led her toward a desire to coach others around organizing their physical environment. After three years as an Organizer Coach she felt deeply called to incorporate more of her spiritual practices into her work as a Spiritual Life Coach.

Maggie is a member of the International Coach Federation—ICF. She was a member of Toastmasters’ International for ten years and became an award-winning international speaker.

What one of Maggie's clients has to say:

Maggie, you are so gifted at cutting through my circling thoughts and ego, you are such a blessing! I was so grateful today when you helped me to finally feel better about an important decision I had been guided to make but felt such anxiety over.  In just a few minutes you helped me to understand and see through all that was coming up for me.  I felt totally relieved and connected to my deeper truth and I was able to follow through on my decision feeling good deep down.  You see things that I can't see myself and help me move through them so quickly and easily, I am so grateful for your support!

Fia Crandall, www.FearlessFaith.ca