The Patent Pending Magic Filler reservoir filling kit is designed to easily install into most existing coffee makers to allow convenient filling of water. Traditional coffee makers require users to fill a carafe, or a removable reservoir under a kitchen faucet, and then transfer this water back into the coffee maker,  often leading to spilled water and or missed measurements (too much or too little). The Magic Filler kit will allow users to simply turn a valve mounted on the side or rear of their coffee maker, allowing water to directly enter the reservoir. Simply turn off the valve when desired level is attained, add you favorite coffee and turn on your machine. No mess involved!
Our standard kit will allow consumers to self install the Magic Filler using an existing ¼” standard ice maker supply line. For consumers who don’t have an existing ice maker supply line, the Magic Filler Starter Kit will have everything necessary to install a new ¼” line from under a typical kitchen sink. Our Deluxe Version will have an electronic solenoid valve system with an automatic water level shut off.
Customers who have little do-it-yourself savvy can hire a handyman or plumber to install either kit. Either kit can be installed in ½ hour or less. The standard kit will require a 5/16”” drill bit and a drill to attach the Magic Filler valve assembly. You will also need scissors or a knife to cut your existing ¼” ice maker supply line. All water lines are connected using “quick connect” fixtures, which require no tools.
We are also currently developing a unique installation jig that will take any guess work or fear out of the installation process. Our product can convert any coffee maker with a plastic water reservoir including Mr. Coffee, Cuisenart, Keurig and others.
We are seeking start up capital of $250,000.00 for a 20% equity stake so we can purchase molds, materials and continual marketing our patent pending mounting plate, which is an integral part of our entire system. Currently, there are no other reservoir delivery systems designed to retrofit onto existing coffee makers. The only similar products are commercial coffee makers designed for high volume restaurants. Our product will let everyone enjoy the no mess and accurate filling of their coffee or tea makers, guaranteed.