Magic rugs A.K.A Admin Rugs has over 800 rugs in stock, and is continuing to add rugs every week. Some of our inventory includes Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Antique area rugs all in stock and ready to ship. Adminrugs.com acquires rugs directly from Iran, India and Pakistan, which not only allows us to sell these rugs to you cheap, but it also makes us the world's leading retailer.

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Admin.com offers tremendous value by purchasing all of our rugs directly from the maker's in Iran, India and Pakistan. All of our Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and Antique area rugs are either hand woven using traditional skills and artistry-just as they have been for hundreds if not thousands of years, they are hand-knotted for strength and durability and offer the finest quality.

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Buying a area rug from Magic Rugs is a excellent cost effective move as we sell authentic Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Antique area rugs which can not only increase in value but can last for generations to come. You can pass it on to your children or take it with you to any home you live in. Our Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Antique area rugs will guarantee enhance any space!

We offer our rugs at every price point, purchase your next rug at our website, showroom or eBay Store our Persian rugs, Oriental rugs and Antique area rugs adds a lot of value, excellent charm and elegance to any home. We guarantee we offer the finest rugs to fit any budget, style or taste!

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Magic Rugs has been selling rugs under the seller name Adminrugs and Magicrug for over 10 years, with 100% feedback and power seller status, Adminrugs knows what is takes to please our customers and keep them coming back. On eBay we offer no hidden charges, no restocking fees. If you do not like the rug please return it within 5 business day to us to receive a full store credit or full refund less shipping.