We are a team of five people who work in different industries, but have a vision of creating simple and revolutionary products to help people in their daily lives. We believe in clean, durable, and convenient design, while maintaining a level of personal touch. As avid sports players, and daily computer users, we found that we needed a product that could help support areas of our body where we experienced joint pain from those activities. We tried various products in attempt to solve these problems, but the other products were generally either uncomfortable, or hard to use. Some products came close to solving one problem, but were too specific to solve anything else. When developing our solution, we thought to ourselves, why stop at solving one problem? We wanted a product that could do more. We wanted a product that was easy to use, yet multifunctional. We wanted to be able to take our product with us throughout the whole day and be able to use it in a variety of situations. And so, the Magic Wrapp is born.