Mahogany Builders  

Matt Lederer, owner of Mahogany Builders, has been remodeling homes in the Chicago area for the past  8 years.  Lederer switched careers from a corporate project manager after buying his first home.  He carried over his skill of keeping meticulous records and updates and uses it for both client reports and with his staff.  He takes pride in the fact that his projects will not only be done well, but that they will also be done on time. An established contractor and businessman, Matt has a team of skilled tradesmen, a dedicated construction manager, a project manager, and in house designer on every project. He loves what he does and it shows, both in the final product, and also in the way he works with his clients and his staff. To view an image gallery of Mahogany Builder’s work visit: http://chicagobuild.shutterfly.com/.