Maid Naturally is a cleaning company in Spokane, WA that uses only natural products to clean homes. Ruthanne and Heather started Maid Naturally to pass on the benefits of using all natural products in their homes. One of the special touches they provide that is loved by their clients is the turn-down bedservice. They spritz the sheets with Lavender Linen Water. "We want our clients to feel like they just stepped into a 5 star hotel. We want them to feel comfortable knowing their house was just cleaned to perfection with all natural products," said Heather.

Ruthanne and Heather have known each other and been friends since 1989. In 1996, they moved to Spokane, WA to attend Bible school. They both met and married their husbands and started raising families. "With children, I started studying healthier options to keep them growing as healthy as possible. I wanted to give my kids the best start they can have. I started with organic food and then natural cleaners," said Heather.

Ruthanne called to ask Heather about starting a housekeeping business. "We thought all natural products would be important in the company, since that is all we use at home," said Ruthanne. "We met and worked at a resort on Chinook Pass and would see how happy people were to get away for a while. We wanted to get that feeling at home somehow. A very clean home that was cleaned with all natural products and the turn-down bedservice spritzed with lavender... what could be better at the end of a long day!"

In 2007, Maid Naturally started creating their own line of cleaning products using the most natural ingredients, including essential oils, pumice and vinegar.  They are extremely effective at getting homes very clean and leaving a nice fresh scent in your home.  The cleaning products are available online at www.maidnaturally.com as well as many other locations.

Maid Naturally is growing so much. Ruthanne and Heather are very excited for the possibilities of this new venture.