Main Street PR is a subdivision of GBI Inc and is engage with marketing and promoting its three sister companies: Gummybear Worldwide, Radikal Records and OK!Good Records.

Gummybear Worldwide LLC. is engaged in the creation, development, and branding of animated entertainment properties, as well as musical content based on and produced for such properties. It markets and sells recorded musical and video products in various physical formats, such as compact discs and DVDs, and digital formats, such as downloads and ringtones, through a worldwide network of established distributors and licensees. The company’s music publishing segment owns and acquires rights to musical compositions, markets these compositions, and receives royalties or fees for their use. It also is actively developing mobile and computer based games and exploiting merchandising rights for its brands in cooperation with a variety of licensing partners.

Established in 1990, and based just outside of NYC, Radikal Records is one of the United States’ leading independent labels. In business for almost 20 years, we are focused on marketing, promoting, and distributing artists – not only to audiences in the USA, but also on a global basis to partners world-wide. We offer artists national distribution through SONY/Red Distribution, electronic distribution through iTunes, eMusic, Amazon and all major downloading services, and other resources including production, artist development, product marketing and licensing opportunities.

OK!Good Records is an independent record label that was founded as an outlet for quirky, left field, unconventional and evocative music.OK!Good’s mission is to pluck talented artists from all corners of the global landscape and present them to an unsuspecting public.