Mainstream Investors, LLC was launched in 2012 to provide capital to finance the unprecedented economic activity taking place throughout western North Dakota. This activity comes as a result of advances in oil and gas production technology, including horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (known as “fracking”) of oil-rich shale formations.

Stretching from southern Saskatchewan through northeast Montana and across western North Dakota, The Bakken Formation and a secondary formation known as Three Forks represent one of the largest pools of recoverable shale oil & natural gas in North America. By some estimates, there is as much as 6.5 billion barrels of recoverable oil in the Bakken and Three Forks formations. The various needs associated with the production of this oil & gas, which include everything from drilling costs to housing and infrastructure expansion, have created a tremendous demand for capital. We created Mainstream Investors in response to this demand.

We buy leasehold interests (also called "working interests") in producing wells in the Bakken and Three Forks formations. We will also purchase royalty interests and mineral interests when we believe they represent a compelling investment opportunity.

We also finance development projects in industries supporting or driven by energy production. At this time, there is a great need for housing, infrastructure, waste water disposal, and oil and gas transport, to name just a few. We will consider these opportunities on a case-by-case basis and may invest in such opportunities through direct investment, financing, or partnership with developers.