Majestyebooks.com is family owned and operated, based in Alberta, Canada. The concept for the website was formed when, as Christians, we needed a place online to find Christian ebooks where the content we were looking for wasn’t a subset of a larger “Religious” section. Searching and finding very few options that suited our needs, we decided to create such a place.

After much prayer we felt God’s calling to move forward with MajestyeBooks.com, to glorify Him and make a difference in the world by serving others through connecting them with the literature, materials and equipping resources they need. Another way we are endeavoring to make a difference is by partnering with three select charities to which we give 10% of the profits from every sale. We invite you to join in this partnership by choosing the charity your purchases will support. We want to be a company that serves God and puts Him first.

Majestyebooks.com is dedicated to providing quality and value. As we begin this exciting journey, we will be continually growing our library, adding new material and expanding our website toward the goal of accomplishing our mission. We invite you to be a part of this journey. Grow with us!