Make A Deal With A Car Dealer.com allows for consumers to post a free ad for the car they want to sell, buy or trade. Eliminate the need to go car lot to car lot and work with dealers who will buy your car, sell you the car you want, or can trade your existing car for the car you want.

The Make A Deal With a Car Dealer is a unique new way for consumers to negotiate with car dealers to buy , sell or trade a vehicle. Consumers and car sales people connect through listings on the website - eliminating the need to go to the dealer initially.

Make A Deal with A Car Dealer allows car shoppers to start negotiating on a level playing field with car salespeople and placing the consumer in the driver seat.

Participating dealers are charged a low monthly fee, well below what other auto listing/lead generation sites charge and no fees per lead. Thus making it cost effective for dealers to make good deals with the car shoppers utilizing the site. Participating dealers have the option to list vehicles from their dealership and make a deal with serious car shoppers. Make A Deal With A Car Dealer provides dealers an affordable advertising venue with serious car shoppers.  

Consumers want deals, makeadealwithacardealer.com brings consumers and dealers together to make a deal on a car.

MakeADealWithACarDealer.com™ - "where car shoppers go to make the best deal on their trade and next car"

Make A Deal With A Car Dealer.com