Our company nimble design studios Pvt Ltd is one of the best design of house architectural service providers online . Our company is fairly new but very efficient in fulfilling our customers needs from front elevation of home to modern house plan. We do it all. Our main aim is to fulfill our customers’ needs because we know the feeling when your dream of building your dream house which you want to be the best design of house is taking shape and we don’t want your experience to be ruined, that’s why we have kept our process very simple and pleasant.

About Us
We are the Nimble Design Studios, an ecommerce store for architectural services. We at NimbleStudios.in provide you with modern design of house elevation from simple house plan design to kerala house design. We do it all at the most reasonable price in the market.
Our Company
Our company nimble design studios is a startup registered with the startup India program and the founders of the company have more than 7 years of experience in designing fabulous modern design of house exteriors and creating modern yet simple house plan design.

home elevation design it with purpose

Your Dreams
We know Building a Home is never a single man’s dream, it’s a dream of the whole family and it’s never easy to come-up to a single decision but here at nimble design studio, our architects will help you in all the changes you need in whatever way they can.
Its Just So Simple
We have made the process of placing the order for your modern design of house elevation  , simple house plan design or any of our other services simple , so that whenever you need changes you can simply mail us back to  info@nimblestudios.in with the changes.

Our Moto
Design it with purpose
Everything in this world is designed to solve a purpose. If not, it is just something created without meeting the needs which only means it is useless. whatever we design in nimble design studios ” we design it with purpose ” . whether it is a simple house plan design or modern design of house elevation .
We always help our clients to solve their intended   Purpose , which can sometimes vary. Some want it as an exterior house design one floor for rental purposes , and some want it to be their dream house on a budget, our sole purpose is to fulfill our clients desire and purpose.
Our Products
exterior house design
We value your dreams and how important for you are the aesthetics of your dream house of having modern design of house elevation . Our architects are keen on understanding every bit of your requirements, your aspirations and imaginations before turning your visions into dazzling looking images.

We create every exterior house design based on simple house plan design the the correct vastu for east facing house plan or references provided by you. we know the constraints sometime you have that’s why we always design to your satisfaction whether it is a beautiful house elevation designs on a small budget or normal house front elevation designs

house plans
We provide you with the best simple house plan design with dimensions For you to just get started on your journey of building your house that you always desired after which you can move on to beautiful modern houses design . We provide you with the simple house plan design Starting From 1000Sft ( 111 Square Yards ) to 5000Sft( 555.6 Square Yards ) .

Structural Design
Get the most affordable and convenient Structural design for your house plans and also consider modern design of house elevation . Here we provide you the Structural design for your kerala house plans or house plans you select through which you can start constructing your exterior house design .

Our Team Of Experts
Our Team At Your Service
We have a team of expert professionals to design your dream house. the Most dedicated team of architects Who are keen on helping you in your journey of building your home that you have always dreams off.

Start Your Journey With Us
your satisfaction is our highest priority to us.  Let us be your helping hand in your journey of building your dream house. order now visit : https://nimblestudios.in