India is a nation of science and technology. We have the most students in Science and Engineering, both in number as well as in proportion. We have scholars who are renowned in their field whether they stay here or move abroad. We have a rich history of learning, understanding, memorizing, retaining & knowing. Why then, is it that as a nation of science and technology, we lag behind most other countries in almost every count; be it research citations to true scientific and engineering innovations?

Aims to reverse this trend & boost innovation amongst the Nation Makery labs has brought Do It Yourself Culture in India. Makery Labs is for Makers. It is a one-stop marketplace offering wide range of products that helps children’s and students in enriching their thought and enhancing learning process. The company product caters to industries such as education, robotics, industrial and R&D labs.

Proud to be India’s largest marketplace for Educational Toys, learning kits and DIY products, Makery Labs vision is to inspire innovations through amazing and interesting Do-It-Yourself products and knowledge.

Founded by D Rajendra Kotaria, Lalith Jain & Amit Krishna in 2015, Makery Labs allow people to experience the joy of making and discover inventive solution. The company is driven under the leadership of Mr. DRK who is the Managing Director and founder of Optics and Allied engineering. As CEO and co-founder of Makery Labs, Lalith Jain is responsible in building strategies and blending it to execution, whereas CTO Amit Krishna’s core strength is in getting the right techie on board and building scalable platform for the business.

The trio co-founders started their journey with a vision of  “Build Nation through Innovation”. With the growth of technology and penetration of Internet, automation has been in every framework of life. Right from the age of 8 yrs to 65 yrs we all are very much dependent on the solutions provider that can be in any tech-form so called mobiles, tablets or IoT, cause of which we have become “dependent” rather than “doer’s”.

“India has been the land of innovation and technology, but looking at children’s and youth’s of today, I can see the gap – between learner’s and doer’s” said CEO Lalith Jain.  The Z generation lack perseverance; they are afraid of getting failed in any circumstances. This what struck the trio co-founders to start a platform that can bring innovative approach to learning, where ideas can meet and collide, he added.

“The challenging part in starting the business was in sourcing the right quality products that really imbibes makers to think critically, explore questions, fail and retry and bounce ideas to build something,” said CTO Amit Krishna.

“In next two years Makery Labs plans to make a noticeable impact in the country by providing a platform which is beyond a ecommerce website but rather a social ecosystem and interaction portal wherein expert and enthusiast can share their knowledge and seamlessly procure products for their projects,” said Managing Director D Rajendra Kotaria.

And adding on it the startup will create a robust platform wherein SME’s in the manufacturing space and every research and development organization within the country can experience and transact with ease of doing business in the current B2C ecommerce industry.

Makery intends to develop a learning culture through practice rather than theory. To shift from memorizing to making, from learning to building. Grounded into and grouped as concepts for deeper understanding, Makery will be a space to transform learners to doers.

Watch this space as they aim to launch a movement & revolution to help build the nation through innovation.