Celebrity artist Lettie Mix was southern raised in Chattanooga Tennessee.
In 1994, Lettie began her makeup career with Olan Mills Glamour Studios doing
hair, makeup and photography . Realizing that she had a passion to work in the
fashion and film industries she moved to California in 1998.

In 1998, Lettie was personally trained by Celebrity artist Donna Mee, owner of
Empire Makeup Academy and is currently certified in all aspects of makeup artistry.  
After receiving her certification, Lettie began working for internationally known
Smashbox Cosmetics and Studios.  Lettie was with Smashbox Cosmetics for 8 years
and traveled nationwide as the National Artistry Trainer.  In 2007, Lettie began a
freelance career to focus more on her passion for the fashion and film industries.

Currently, Lettie is continuing to grow her freelance career and is known for being
very professional , down to earth and well rounded as an artist.  Lettieā€™s hard work
and  achievements are listed below.