Making The Reel came about as a way for me to help people manage their digital multimedia technology workflow. For them to have an overall understanding of the process in production and post production.

I have seen the consequences a poor and ineffective manager will bring to a facility, it’s staff or their project. Seeing that most people are their own manager, I felt compelled to be the one to offer an insight on the process. Helping them make educated decisions so as to try to avoid the pitfalls waiting out there.

Many people and facilities are still converting over to the newest technology but still have to deal with some of the older technology. They find themselves having to implement one while continue to work on the other.

Making The Reel will be useful in understanding the peripherals available out there, their costs, their impact and their installation process. Down time can be very detrimental on both delivery time and budget. Never mind reputation.

On behalf of myself and the crew, we sincerely hope you find this program and website useful and I thank you for allowing me to be part of your success.