We are designers with a passion for modern organic architecture.  Our clients enjoy the distinct and original creation of their homes.  They live on unique landscapes that challenge us to bring the outside in.  

The flow of our open plans is functional and spacious.  How can we provide you with a healthy, natural living experience? We think it is through a close relationship between the whole and parts of the building and that these inter-related components begin to have a crafty conversation with the surroundings that you choose.

You may be thinking, "that's funky, but why does it matter".  Our houses reinforce feelings of refuge and safety. The prospect of viewing the distant horizon or the mystery of an entry that is hidden from view.  Our living rooms have centrally located stone fireplaces with 8' ceilings that expand out and up to 15' glass walls.  The window wall can have wide glass doors opening to a large terrace, an extension of the living room, that is elevated above the landscape.  This relationship between house and place is also a dialog between you and the land.

Thank you for taking the time to know us, with over 30 years experience we hope that you give us the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams.  The magic begins with the plans.