Mallorca By Land, Air & Sea
Why Mallorca for Luxury Yacht Charters, Sales, Shipyard & Concierge Services?
Due to continued investment in its facilities, Mallorca is increasing its global reputation and status with luxury tourists and investors.  In addition to its tenure, the location of Mallorca is the perfect destination for luxury yacht owners and investors.  The perfect destination to dock for services, pleasure or to visit and buy.
Due to increasing demand, the ports and shipyards continue to invest and expand.  As a result, Mallorca has world class facilities for megayachts and luxury superyachts.
As a result of its nautical history the island is home to a wide range of brokers of boats and yachts of all shapes and sizes.  So, therefore in addition to its ports and shipyards the island is spoiled with yacht clubs and marinas all around the island.  
Why Mallorca for Luxury Property?
Because property investment is all about location, Mallorca is the ideal investment.  The cream homes are romantic fincas, luxury villas and fashionable townhouses. We find tourists often become investors when it comes to this beautiful island
Mallorca has so much appeal to investors due to the quality of life and the island's beauty:
•     Turquoise seas embrace the shores of the island.
•     Green mountains stand proudly along the east side of the island
•     Rural landscapes and villages carpet the whole island.
•     In addition is a selection of culture rich towns and cities.
Due to coming out of a period of recovery the property market seems optimistic but cautious.  Hence, our addition of the categories for property investment and also property services.
Why the section for 'Air'?
For such a small space, Mallorca is packed with variety.  So much of it is still not on the map and can only be found by foot, boat or air.  Consequently heli-tours are becoming increasingly popular.  Also, when you need to travel with privacy; charter a plain.  Operators are well accustomed to the varying needs for personalised, transfers.  The portfolio under our 'air' section is growing all the time.  Hence ‘Air’ brokerage services are an exciting and complimentary feature to so many scenario’s.
Events, Offers, Opportunities and More
Again, for a small place Mallorca is not short of activity.  So, we have teamed up with our partner network to provide an information service on everything from events to exclusive offers and even business investment opportunities.  The type of announcements made on this noticeboard will continue to grow with our business.
Blogs & Information Sharing
Our portal is intended to be quite targeted however, there is always more information of interest to our members, customers and all visitors to our website.  Therefore we post articles in our blogging section and invite you to comment on posts or post your own blogs.
Service & Activities Directory:
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