The concept of Mama Lissa's is the inspiration behind Mamas' culinary heritage in Melaka. It's all about the food.

Mama Lissa's uses only traditional recipes and Mama cites her grandmother as the primary inspiration behind her traditional Melaka cuisine.

Mama Lissa's opened their first outlet in the Queensbay area of Penang to much fanfare and within days of opening it gained the attention of the national press with a substantial article accompanied by photographs in The Star News paper. (see website)

This first outlet was just a hawker stall with limited seating and it was opened purely to test the market by gauging customers response to Mamas' menu.

The encouraging response prompted Mama to look for a more suitable restoran location so this small stall closed down at the end of 2011.

Mama Lissa's current restaurant opened in April 2012 at the Bukit Jambul shopping complex on Penang Island.

It is a semi al-fresco concept located directly outside the McDonalds outlet on the front promenade at the front of the shopping complex.

Reflecting Mamas’ strong family values it is an eaterie owned & managed entirely by her own family.