Using the natural talent as a Holistic Nutritional chef, teacher and consultant preparing gourmet dishes and manufacturing products for people with discerning pallets a new line of sauces has emerged. We use the application of science knowledge, blind taste testing and common sense with the goal of creating effective positive life-style and behavioral changes.

Specializing in foods for diabetics, weight loss, cancer, special needs individuals, celiac and lactose intolerant. We support our troops with special diets as well.

The company’s “flagship” pico de gallo salsa, Mama Vega*s Salsa,sugar, troops,  has the distinction of being the only salsa in the nation recognized as a More Matters product. This “value-added synergistic super food” is no mere condiment, it is a pure vegetable. With no added water, no added sugar or sugar derivative, low sodium, no preservatives and more importantly, no additives it is easily incorporated into every day recipes without the necessity for any additional seasonings. This makes preparing meals for everyone from a young child to those with medical concerns fresh, quick and easy and economical for any family budget.