ManageAssist, Inc. is a corporate training firm providing practical training solutions since 2000. Our commitment is to be the training provider of choice by offering a broad range of practical training programs which consistently satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations.

Making your business run more smoothly, more effectively, more profitably, making your people’s lives easier … that’s what ManageAssist is all about.

Rapid changes in technology, the exportation of jobs, downsizing, shortcomings in formal education, global competition, new technologies, high customer expectations, continuous improvement initiatives, and an aging workforce are major reasons that organizations must focus on continuing learning and workforce training.

We offer an affordable alternative to having your own training department. Our training programs are used by major corporations and small businesses. We offer corporate and consortium training programs designed to accomplish the specific objectives of a single organization or a group of companies.

Our scope of services includes training program development, delivery, administration, and monitoring training effectiveness.

We conduct our training in a workshop format that includes learning and the practical application of knowledge and skills to a company’s specific situations.