CloudyBuddy is a startup friendly managed cloud service provider. Our managed hosting environments, SLAs and system solutions are standard compliant with enterprise level ecommerce solutions, apps and rich media portals which require consistent monitoring. Plus, our tailored budget plans and flexible charges provide robust security and maintenance to your hosted application at fraction of the cost offered by conventional MSP providers.

At Cloudy Buddy, we offer bespoke managed services which means that there is no obligatory service plan that you have to sign up for without the need, rather we will decide which type of management and service your hosted app/site will require after analyzing your business. This model lets customer pay for only the service they require and not the whole plan.

CloudyBuddy makes sure that your website experiences high performance availability and is safe from all issues. This is also achieved with the help of our patch management and security services that keep your system updated and cyber crooks at bay. In the wake of any disaster, our round-the-clock backup services allow your business to get back to its feet in no time.

CloudyBuddy also has a FREE consultation & testing service. Our Agenda is to provide our customers with a peace of mind, while they focus on their business core.