Dan Strongin, ASQ CMQ/OE, the Uncorporate Consultant, has been helping people who love their business run their business better, since 1996. His site, http://manageNaturally.com provides information products, courses, live online discussion groups and access to consulting on more relevant reporting, deeper understanding, better process, true cost reduction, and higher quality results.

" Amazing people like you, who love their work, have honored me, sharing the most intimate details of their business. How could I not enjoy being the Uncorporate Consultant(google it!)I learn as much as they do." Dan Strongin

Dan is a former 5 Star Chef, Supermarket Executive, Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation Specialist for State Marketing Boards and Private Companies, certified by the American Society for Quality as a Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence, founding member of the Deming Collaboration, author of "People, Power and Profit" and "What I learned in Kitchens about Working." and creator of the course "Understand Your Business, Earn More Money."

He helps people find and cut unexpected and unwanted results caused by short-term tactical thinking, so their business can transform into a healthy, well run company, with a team of well-trained willing workers driven by pride and joy in work, more loyal customers, higher sales and long-term magical profits.

"I do not pretend to be "the expert" in your business, you are, but I can help with the tools you need to understand and manage better." Dan

Standing on the shoulders of a Management Philosophy that drives some of the most amazing companies in the world, he is effective, a great listener with incredible depth of experience, and is fun. But don't take our word for it, visit the Testimonials page and see what others say about him.

Dan has coached some of the finest value added businesses in the renaissance of high quality and local foods in the US, as well as a variety of agricultural, retail and manufacturing businesses. As an American Society for Quality Certified Manager of Quality and Excellence, a former 5 Star Chef, and a respected marketing guru for value added products and specialty retail, he worked with and for organizations as varied as the prestigious Ritz Carlton Corporation, the California Milk Marketing Board, the Dairy Business Innovation Center, and was on the leading edge of the vanguard of Chefs who brought restaurant quality food into specialty supermarkets in the 1980's.

Inventor of the modern Olive Bar, and the first retail cheese department in California to focus on American Artisan Cheese, he eventually became the President of the American Cheese Society. He still writes a monthly column for the Cheese Reporter on Quality, Marketing and Management issues, and is a founding member of the Deming Collaboration.