What does your image say about your business?

What does your company "Stand for"? Have you thought about this issue? Most people who buy goods or services gravitate towards organisations that "stand for something". The image you project in your chosen marketplace is fundamental to you attracting the right customers.

North Wales entrepreneur David Petie has launched Mandore Media, a new business based near Chester, innovating the provision of PR and Media services. It will help organisations communicate their stories, by combining creative thinking, consistency and integrity.

David Petie has a firm grounding in both PR and business, having worked as a journalist, communications executive and management consultant for many years. "Business people are keen to understand the benefits of investing in PR, and in many cases these aren't clear", says David.

Award winning writer, successful journalist and photographer, David has combined a range of skills to create a unique business. "My take on PR is slightly different from most in the industry".

David believes that he is innovating the way PR and media services are delivered, setting a new agenda for the industry. "If used effectively, PR can be an important element in helping an organisation achieve its strategic ambitions, whether this be in support of a major sales campaign, company reorganisation or new product launch. Effective campaigning can even help change government policy"

"However, most PR agencies base their remuneration on the number of words printed, whether that is in a local paper or nationally. There is no measure of quality or effectiveness. And usually no clear link to strategy and the real business agenda. No wonder PR agencies have a poor reputation."

"Most editors won't publish stories unless they have an interesting message that catches their readers' imagination. Creating innovative and eye catching copy is fundamental to bringing readers in and communicating the strategic messages organisations want to put across. Mandore Media takes a campaigning view towards media relations, and every campaign starts with an event."

"I believe that we are revolutionising the way PR services are delivered to business, bringing the best of political campaigning and event management to create attention-grabbing stories."

Mandore Media also provides a photographic service that supports their media relations team. They believe that every article should be accompanied by a photograph, preventing editors from using inappropriate images. "Every event has an image, and every campaign should start with a picture: image is everything", says David.

The primary objective of any press coverage is to support the strategic aims of the organisation in question. Mandore Media's proposition represents a step change in the delivery of PR and Media services, where these elements are seen as strategic, helping large and small businesses manage the perception of customers, suppliers and other people.

Mandore Media creates public relations programmes that go beyond the simple press release. From on-line campaigns, to focused events and editorials, there are many ways to reach your chosen audience. What is it you want to say, but more importantly, what do you stand for?