Our staff of highly qualified Electrical, Mechanical, and Controls Engineers along with industry experts design and integrate solutions that meet the complex needs of our clients. Our Project Management teams are experienced professionals that understand the time-sensitive needs of industry.

We have technical experience in a wide variety of systems. Mangan Inc. understands today’s need for a sole source engineering firm-that’s why experience with Electrical and Controls design, Project Management approach, and Customized Enterprise solutions allows us to tackle projects of any size. Our extensive experience enables us to provide a system-wide turnkey solution to our clients.

Mangan Inc. Staff is made up of nearly 350 Degreed Engineers, Licensed Professional Engineers, and Technical Professionals with industry experience spanning 20+ years.Many have been seconded at our client facilities and have become a truly integrated part of our clients’ staff. We staff our projects according to the needs and requirements of our customers with a mixture of talent to ensure that the benefit of our expertise is delivered with the most value.

Mangan Inc. is committed to the safety of our employees and clients. We have a full-time safety staff that works diligently with our customers to ensure that we exceed the customer’s expectations for safety. Our internal programs promote increased awareness of our staff to the potential hazards that exist in the industry prior to the start of a project. Additional monthly, weekly, and daily programs are in place to maintain the safety awareness throughout the life cycle of the project.