Manhattan Green Solutions, an Environmental Division of PanManhattan Marketing Corporation, was conceived with utmost focus and thrust on providing clients with solutions to reduce or eliminate use of resources, thus reducing the carbon footprint.
It is in the deepest belief that companies, through Corporate Social Responsibility, find the need to take responsibility in choosing the right systems in better managing their carbon footprint.

Given this sincere initiative by companies, Manhattan Green Solutions was formed to help companies achieve this goal. We have intensively researched and tested our products, making sure that it meets all environmental standards, and that it goes beyond what is the regular baseline.

Our products are made to further reduce what is acceptable, making companies go beyond compliant. We help our clients in their virtue of being proactive by choosing products that are above and beyond the industry standard.

Not only do our products go beyond industry standard in its environmental impact, client lifestyle is also not compromised. Our products make it easier for clients to reduce carbon without sacrificing comfort or efficiency. In fact, it is through our products that clients can find themselves more efficient, and have their own community feel more involved with the sincere efforts of the company.

The intent and action of going environmental sends a strong message to different circles of communities that they do care for the environment, building reputation, morale, and environmental sustainability.

Manhattan Green Solutions is your partner in going green.

Welcome to a Greener World.