About Us

At a time that holistic treatments have become more mainstreamed, Honeymark has recognized the importance of introducing the medicinal benefits of utilizing Manuka Honey to the general public. We at Honeymark believe that Manuka Honey is an untapped resource that, once more recognized, will become widely accepted and regularly used.

With recent studies indicating that the healing properties of Manuka Honey are in most cases more effective than antibiotics, honey is no longer considered a home remedy. Our own trial studies have indicated that our products seem to work when others didn't. Our goal is to provide relief to individuals suffering from certain symptoms by utilizing ingredients in our products that are safe, healthy, natural and pure.

Our plans are to significantly increase our line of honey-based products in the near future as well as develop relationships with distributors to allow our products to be purchased at various retail locations in addition to our online store. Honeymark will continue to be dedicated to improving the lives of our customers by producing the most innovative, highest quality of honey-based products possible.
The Honeymark Advantage

The advantage of using Honeymark products over plain Manuka Honey is that in addition to Manuka Honey being expensive and hard to come by, like all honey, it's sticky and not particularly desirable when used on the skin. Honeymark blends Active Manuka Honey into its medicated creams and lotions for a comfortable and user-friendly application. There are also other ingredients in our products that are essential in treating the various symptoms. Additionally, since Honeymark is a U.S.-based company, shipping is easier, faster and less expensive that ordering Manuka Honey directly from New Zealand.

Honeymark products are not tested on animals.