Digital Strategists are Responsible for Achieving Your Business Goals Online, through the use of a Comprehensive, Integrated Marketing Plan

A website isn't the only way to be found on the internet, and your website shouldn't be your only concern when it comes to your online presence. Casting the widest net possible is a must these days in order to find new patients, and that includes a robust social media presence, optimized maps data, and an authoritative web presence. Healthcare differs from a normal e-commerce business in a few serious ways. Among them is your need for local growth, focusing on a service area and building the doctor's reputation as an authority across the web. We do that.

Map And Story manages every aspect of your internet presence, growing your practice across multiple sites and services, all combining to establish you as an authority and bringing you more patients. Some tactics kick in powerful results right away, like PPC. Others, like local optimization take a little longer. Content development (landing pages, blogging, etc) has the best return on investment, but doesn't mature for several months.

Digital strategy is a bridge and each strut strengthens the rest, similar to how each of our tactics makes the others more effective. For more information or to set up an initial meeting, contact our office at info@mapandstory.com or give us a call at (347) 559-4802.