MapChat is an app that we developed that gives users a new way of interacting with each other. We offer chatting with friends, chatting with random people, sharing pictures and videos  the interesting thing of this is that it all happens on Google Maps.

• Chat on the map
You can chat on the map and check each other's location.
• Managing locations and appointments
You can create useful notes for locations and pin down appointments on the map.Now you will never forget the time and location of your appointments.
• Convenient Social Network.
You can create posts, photos, videos and anything else on the map.
• Meet new friends and dating.
You can make new friends based on interest, location, etc. You can even use this app for dating.

The ability to see who is using the app around you on the map makes it also possible to talk and interact with other people you might not even know.

MapChat is our visualization of how an app can be different when it comes to social media apps.
We do this by utilizing what we are already familiar with, Google Maps, and using it as our platform. Together with the map we can record our moments and never forget them. MapChat becomes your personal map of memories.