Mapped Travel is a novel concept of community travel website.

With a sleek interactive map interface it allows its users to provide travel guide information where it really matters: at the location of the sight on the map. This unique feature provides more added value than any words describing the way ever could.

Some of the websites key features include:

* free contribution after registration
* free use (no login required)
* everyone can add/edit cities (Wikipedia like)
* everyone can add/edit points of interest (Wikipedia like)
* everyone can make private notes to favorite locations
* everyone can compile a free, personalized guidebook from their noted locations
* public transport information are available for most points of interest
* a photo is available for most points of interest
* a teaser is available for every point of interest
* everyone can rate each point of interest simply by clicking the stars
* a link to relevant external information is present on most points of interest
* a forum exists where users can discuss points of interest, cities, travel and more.

Join the online travel guide revolution and put your travel knowledge on the map!

Visit the cities that are ready:
* Visit Cairo, the jewel of the Nile, on the travel map
* Visit Paris, the city of love, on the travel map
* Visit Istanbul, in Asia and Europe, on the travel map
* Visit Dresden, Florence of the river Elbe, on the travel map
* Visit Chisinau, and unearth the secrets of Eastern European Moldova, on the travel map

Happy travels,
the Mapped Travel Community.