Not your standard looking matcha company, right? That’s because we aren’t.

It was the summer of 2017, on a beach in Bali, where I discovered the magic of matcha. An energy boost like coffee minus the jitters and crash. I knew I had gold in my hands.

Back home and tired of drinks full of sugar and bad chemicals. It was time for a change. No more weird stuff and only 100% natural ingredients.

Being 21, I started Maratcha as an antidote to unhealthy drinks. Sourced some of the best matcha on the planet from small organic & sustainable family farms in Uji, Japan and brought it here for you to enjoy.

Sure, Maratcha is a drink, but we like to think its much more than that. We want a more sustainable future for all, who doesn’t? That’s why we source responsibly, package with eco-friendly materials, teamed up with a social workplace to pack up your orders and give 1% of profits back to the planet.

Now bringing 100% natural good stuff for people and planet to you. Welcome to the MaratchaFam!

Amy, Founder