Marathon Records™ is your complete IOLTA resource. We provide IOLTA One™, the only application designed specifically to address the rules-compliant IOLTA record keeping needs of attorneys and title insurers. Our online bookkeeping application is your bridge to maintaining accurate records of each of your client's funds, and can be accessed and updated securely from any computer or device. We also provide a suite of consulting and audit services, and a robust library of IOLTA resources.

Many popular accounting packages don’t have the built-in tools or processes to enforce the IOLTA account rules. The IOLTA One application was designed with direct input from lawyers to provide this functionality securely from any computer or tablet you have with you.

The end result is an application that handles multiple client matters, where a lawyer enters each client matter transaction only once. The application automatically creates a main register including the client identifier and running balance after every transaction along with individual client ledgers each with their own running balance. The required reconciliation report is automatically generated, in compliance with the IOLTA rules, and lists the main register balance and a total of all individual client ledgers. All that’s required are a few simple steps to enter the adjusted bank statement balance to complete it.