People ask me what is a typical Marc Watches customer, I dont really know if there is a typical customer, they come from a broad spectrum. I do know that they expect quality and that they can feel part of the brand and feel good about it. They need to know when they wear one of my watches they can trust it to stand up to the test of time.

People also ask what makes the Marc Watches brand different. Well I believe we offer a mix of classic and fashionable elements. The Marc brand stands out for its unique product that does not have to jump out at you. I want people to say "That's nice, I like your watch" rather than "Where did you get that from and how much did it cost".

I like to feel that my watches act to enhance the individual.

So why did I start Marc Watches and why in Birmingham not the first place to spring to mind when you think of watches.Well firstly I am Birmingham born and bred so the location chose itself and its ideal for travel to all parts of the country.

Secondly I have been working in the watch industry for over 11 years dealing mainly with the major High Street retailers and TV Shopping Channels and although it was good I always felt that I wanted to get closer to the actual people who were wearing the watches. I knew that if I put my heart and soul into the brand and offered people watches that were of high quality and affordable then I would have lots of support from everyone involved.

The credit crunch and recession was proving to be very difficult for a number High Street retailers so I decided that I should make the move and set up and start Marc Watches. I like to think that no matter how poorly the economy is performing there is always room for good quality products at an affordable and fair price.

At Marc we have one simple aim and that is to manufacture high quality watches direct for you at truly affordable prices. Each style of watch that we offer is the result of many hours of dedicated work both in design and manufacture . Each watch features refined design, quality materials and meticulous finishing, a pleasant accessory on any wrist.

The watches are only available from the Marc Watches website they are not available in stores.