RSDC (Research & Sustainable Development Consortium) has emerged as a nodal organisation representing a group of committed NGO’s in the state of Tamil Nadu. Head quartered in Chennai, the organization has a built a wide network of Non-for-profit organizations operating in the state of Tamil Nadu on varied thematic areas. The concept of mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has brought together Government – Corporate – NPOs on a same platform to drive social development agenda underpinning sustainability & inclusivity.
Over the years, it has been proved that governments and NGOs have worked together as partners and complemented each other's efforts for social change. However the new company’s bill has roped in corporate resources & expertise to accelerate change. Each sector has immense potentialities in their respective field.

RSDC came into existence as a networking organization to facilitate smooth coordination between the 3 major players viz: Government, Corporate & Non-Profits to implement the development agenda more economically, efficiently and effectively at the grass root level. The consortium also aims at improving transparency and professionalize management processes among its member NPO’s .