Stealth Media Group (SMG) is an all rights UK film distibutor and international film and TV sales company. SMG was formed in November 2008 by Sean O'Kelly, founder of film distributor, Go For It Entertainment Ltd, along with Michael L Cowan and Jason Piette, founders of Spice Factory, a UK production and structured film financing company.

Sean O'Kelly has over 10 years of extensive experience in film and TV sales including volume deals with UK and international broadcasters. Sean has aquired and sold literally hundreds of films and has been responsible for over 19.5 million DVD sales in the UK alone. Sean's background includes working with leading venture cap firm Matrix Securities as well as Global IP giants, Gullane and Hit Plc.

Michael L Cowan and Jason Piette are well known for producing feature films from US$1M (Bollywood Queen) to US$52M (Lord of War, Merchant of Venice, Undertaking Betty) and structured financing in the film world, which now they also bring to international television and film distribution. As well as running and creating structured media funds, raising over £10M, Michael and Jason have founded media sales companies such as Arclight, Velvet Octopus, and La Fabrique De Film.

Stealth Media Group has offices in London, Brighton and LA, and has been set up tp focus on UK distribution and international sales of television, film and film libraries.