My goal is to provide clients with a one of a kind online marketing, social media & reputation management experience unlike any other. I believe in forming a partnership that allows for growth, expansion prosperity, friendship, and fulfillment.

MarilynBrenner.com offers Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter & Google + Social Media Marketing services to the most discerning clientele. We are focused on helping your company achieve continued success by creating brand awareness, quality content, and promoting ongoing engagement.

My name is Marilyn Brenner and I am the Owner/Operator of MarilynBrenner.com.  Born and raised in Long Island, NY I grew up in a large bustling household  – the youngest of 5 girls. Growing up my mom was always the one who ran the show. She went from being a housekeeper at a Holiday Inn – to working in a deli as a cook for 15 years – and finally investing in her own business.  This financial freedom allowed her to save money and eventually buy a house for all of us to live in. Coming from a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment for 7 people it was such a shock.  That fire and passion that my mom had to never give up on her dreams despite all the hardship still inspires me today.

What I'm Up To Now

As of October 2017, I decided to go freelance and offer my Facebook marketing services to many different industries.  I am aware that there are many companies that offer the exact same services I offer.  However, what you get with me – is me.  I am involved in every part of the business.  My service is a concierge level of Facebook marketing, not a bulk business operation.  I provide 1 on 1 client services and in person or online meetings on a scheduled basis.  My hours are flexible and the nice thing is I will work with you on your schedule. You also get someone who has worked a variety of different positions and has actual experience in many different industries. Now that you know what there is to know about me I would love to learn more about you and your company.  Tell me what your goals are and together we can make them a reality!