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From a Vision, to 5 Products, and Now Hundreds of Products Spanning 3 Industries and Worldwide Distribution. In 1987, our founders had a vision of a highly flexible, system of products to mark Golf Course boundaries and hazards. The system would be totally modular. Components could be mixed and matched, a veritable"erector set" for the Golf Course Superintendent.

Markers, Inc. Golf Course Equipment
http://www.markersinc.com/golf-course-supplies.aspx The system would consist of an in ground component to permanently mark locations, a color coded upright (post) and a variety of cap configurations to perform specific tasks. From that initial vision, dozens of product adaptations plus material changes and manufacturing technologies enabled Markers, Inc. to grow from a 5 product company to an organization that now boasts hundreds of different items with products marketed worldwide. These products are marketed under the brand name of MarkSmart™. We have also become the proud owner of many U.S. Patents for our Golf Products.

Athletic Field Marking Systems
http://www.markersinc.com/athletic-field-supplies.aspx Later, with second generation leadership in place, the company diversified into the Athletic marketplace. Many of the product concepts developed for Golf, with material modifications, led to an innovative method of marking athletic fields. Our MarkSmart™ Lining Kits enabled personnel to safely and permanently mark Football, Soccer, Baseball and dozens of other athletic fields requiring lines, in about 1/3 the time previously required. Natural extensions to our Lining Kits included Marking Paint, Stencils and a broad range of Game Day Markers for dozens of sports. Recent additions to the product line include:Anti-slip matting products for on the field and off the field applications, innovative and indestructible signage and even a line of products to improve athletic turf using Probiotics®.

Garden and Yard Products
http://www.markersinc.com/garden-supplies.aspx Still another market opportunity was realized when some of our products found their way to the company owner's yard as protective devices to prevent damage to Flower beds, a highly visible Driveway Marker, an innovative and inexpensive American Flag Pole and a unique method to protect vegetable and floral gardens from critters. These developments led to our Garden and Yard Product Line, marketed under the Holes-n-Poles™ brand name.