Marketabroker.biz came about as a result of being in the brokerage, real estate and insurance business for the last 20 years and realizing walking into a lobby does not necessarily put you in front of someone who represents who you are or is able to respect your financial goals.
Brokers have been choosing their clients from the start. It is time WE choose a broker that represents us. This website allows you to choose a broker based on your needs and wants, whether you are strictly about business or you desire a broker that combines his personal beliefs into his business structure, aggressive or conservative. This website is here to assist you in choosing a broker that represent you, speaks for you and who you are.
We provide you with a range of filters to search for a broker that can start representing you immediately. There are thousands of people looking for someone whom they feel can represent their entire purpose financially, not just someone who was broker of the day.
People who know you, can grow you!