>  WHO are marketdojo?

We are the only B2B e-Auction software provider to offer an easy to use, professional solution with completely transparent pricing.

Developed by procurement professionals, our B2B e-Auction software has the capability to run both forward and reverse self-managed online auctions for an unlimited variety of sourcing or asset disposal activities.

>  WHAT is a B2B (Business-to-Business) e-Auction?

It is where competing companies bid against each other online to win something valuable from a host company. In a reverse auction the companies may be competing for a contract to supply goods or services to the host company. Whereas in a forward auction, companies may be competing to purchase assets from the host company.

In both cases, e-auctions help to establish the true market value of the goods and services.

>  WHY would I use an e-Auction?

e-Auctions can improve your negotiation results by up 18% beyond traditional approaches.

Furthermore, e-Auctions are extremely efficient for all involved, have a short negotiation cycle, are a better value for money and have increased transparency of the contract award process. Put simply e-Auctions promote a robust, effective and traceable negotiation with you fully in control.

>  HOW do I run an e-Auction?

To run an e-Auction you need: the internet, three or more participants and a contract or product of enough value and clarity to give your bidders something worth their while. The e-Auction finds you the right price, the rest is business as usual.