Founded in 1999, Marketgrader.com (http://www.marketgrader.com) is a stock research company that uses extensive technology to analyze the financial statements of publically traded companies in the United States and Canada for the preparation of detailed research reports. Marketgrader also seeks to help investors answer the six key questions that every investor should know before buying a stock.  

We also have  a top down sentiment indicator that factors in price trend, price momentum, earnings guidance, and short interest to complement our fundamental grades. Additionally, we have introduced ETF Grader to help our clients differentiate the many ETFs in the market today.

It bears mention that the Barron's 400 Index that we constructed for Dow Jones and maintain for them has also outperformed its benchmark the S&P 500 by substantial margins: -39.99 (Barron's 400) Vs  - 38.49 (S&P 500) in 2008;  + 39.09 (Barron's 400) Vs. + 23.45 (S&P 500) in 2009; + 23.57 (Barron's 400) Vs. 12.78 (S&P 500) in 2010 and YTD +9.96 (Barron's 400) Vs. +4.75 (S&P 500.)

This performance acts as a validation of our research process that is available to each of our subscribers.