The Marketing Guru is all about "Breathing Oxygen into your Marketing".

Marketing strategies and planning. One of the workshops offered -  After completing this workshop you should be able to:

Have 8 key distinctions which will make you a Winner.

Self Manage yourself productively.

Understand how to analyze your sales, customers, products, sales staff performance, attrition rate and debtors.

Research the market trends, market positioning, demographics, market wants and competition.

Redefine your target market, segment and build a sales pipeline of qualified prospects.

Understand how to set your sales targets, allocate sales ratios for your products and sales staff, staff incentives.

Determine your product offering and pricing.

Boost your sales quickly: Up-sell, cross-sell, resell and packaging products and services, joint ventures, continuity products.

Understand the keys to selling and your marketing mix.

Promote your products or services through various distribution channels.

Set-up an annual marketing campaign plus monthly implementation.