Down Home Tea is much more than just a beverage, it is a legacy in a bottle. Grandma Alice Wicks created this artisan tea recipe in 1943, at the age of 18. Over the years her crafted tea became a requirement throughout churches and venues in the Metro Louisville area. The tea was so refreshing and had such a unique, distinct flavor that it gained a dedicated following. Grandma Alice then had the chance to see her tea served to dignitaries, politicians and well known community trailblazers.
As the demand for Grandma Alice’s tea quickly began to rise, it was then that she took her grandson, Ontra Caples, under her wing and began to teach him the secret recipe.  In 1993, the recipe was handed down to Ontra with Grandma Alice’s blessing, and the birth of Down Home Tea was complete. Down Home Tea strives to connect those who drink it with the love, faith and spirit of perseverance Grandma Alice has engraved in her family, friends and community. Down home Tea is simply the best and we promise, “Once you taste it you won't waste it!"