In 1999 Marketing Depot was founded as a full service marketing company. The guiding principals for Marketing Depot have always been to provide sound marketing strategies that offer the very best solutions at the fairest possible price. To treat our customers and our employees with honesty and integrity and know when we do this things good things happen - for our customers, our employees and our company.

With over 35 years of real world experience helping thousands of businesses from various industries, Marketing is truly our passion. We love working with our customers to develop case studies and applying practical applications to make our customers successful, because we know our work makes your phone ring.

Our passion is marketing, and our interest is using advanced technology to better serve your marketing efforts. In 1994, our principal officer was implementing cutting edge technology with some of the most innovative industry leaders to create the “web” as we now know it. Today we have combined that real world web experience into a synergistic approach offering our customers traditional and online marketing solutions like no other company can.

We are a publisher of three local telephone directories in the Houston area. We are able to work hand in hand with thousands of business owners that advertise in our Heights, Memorial, and Intown printed yellow pages. We have taken what we have learned over the last 35 years of marketing and 16 years of Internet and created a Full Service marketing approach.

As you scan through the pages, you will find that we offer something just for you. Whether it’s our printed or online yellow pages, web site design,printing, promotional items and even our QR-Connected™ Mobile Web, we offer a solution that will make your phone ring. Call us today and we will create a unique program that is based on experience and effectiveness.

In 1994, our principal officer was implementing cutting edge technology with some of the most innovative industry leaders to create the “web” as we now know it. As a Full Service Marketing Company, Marketing Depot, Inc. has lead the way and has been an innovator in understanding how to make the Internet easy to understand and relevant in today’s business environment.

By offering products such as: Fully Customized Web Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Profile Management, Reputation Management, Pay per Click Ad Campaigns, Google Analytics, Local Online Advertising and proprietary sites such as: HeightsLivingOnline.com, IntownLivingOnline.com, MemorialLivingOnline.com community portals with Real Estate Listing Search and Classified advertising to help locally anchor your web site.

Marketing Depot is your full service online solution. Check out some of our recent projects, or check for your next domain name availability and let us help untangle the complication of the web for you.

There are as many views on the topics of web site maintenance and search engine optimization as there are people creating web sites and scams on how to guarantee you will be on page one of every major search engine. Here are the facts: Look up your industry and see how many competitors show up.

It’s impossible to GUARANTEE first page results, but with our synergistic approach of web maintenance and search engine optimization, we have effectively moved a large percentage of them up the search engine rankings.

The Marketing Depot Approach:

   * Create a strategic web site that capitalizes on your brand, niche services and optimized for key search words.
   * Based on your program - we call you - that’s right we call you, and give you ideas on what changes to make and how to integrate those changes to maximize your search engine optimization, web maintenance and strategically work with your ad word campaigns.
   * We create and manage your search engine profiles and local links into your site

For more information on our comprehensive SEO / Web Maintenance approach give us a call today.